Hiiiii....my name is Bianca J. Russell but you can call me JustBee. Im an artist, instructor, and entertainer, based in the swfl area, whose goal is to inspire peace, love, and healing through music, movement, and art Check out my work.....
I truly believe that at our best selves we can do anything —inspired by the bees— Who don’t give a damn about human physics. They care not that their fat little bodies in comparison to their tiny ass wings shouldn’t allow them the ability to fly. They wake up everyday, Justbee, and somehow achieve the “impossible “
Fear is an egotistical trait —not a god given one
F#%! Your Ego And JustBee.
JustBe(e)ing is a religious experience Justbe(e)ing is holy
Bianca J Russell 239.223.4571 [email protected] @BiancaJRussell